When Mark Zuckerberg introduced us the plan to conquer this world with the help of Metaverse, investors cheered up. Could it be that virtual reality will become the most incredible opportunity of the 2020s?
The early 2000s gave us a Dotcom boom. The recent decade introduced crypto opportunities. What if Metaverse is the next one to blow the financial world?
Some people have taken it enthusiastically. Others had a lot of fun creating memes, emphasizing that Mark Zuckerberg should have concentrated on something more realistic.
Hmm, what does the Metaverse actually bring to the table?
1. Virtual and augmented reality can become parts of our everyday life. Want to move from a stuffy office to the seaside? Easy!
Dreaming of a mind-blowing party with thousands of guests? Hold my beer!
Wanna have a puppy with no obligations to take it for a walk twice a day? Just put on your glasses and have fun!
2. Meta lets you learn. The company claims that medical students will be able to perform virtual surgeries and thus practice, and to learn some historical facts, you can go back in time to any era to see everything with your own eyes.
3. 3D messages can become an essential element of communication.
The virtual reality market is valued at $16 billion and is set to grow. Investing in Metaverse is not all about purchasing some Meta shares. ISEC Wealth Management specialists will be happy to consult you on how to turn the opportunities that virtual reality brings into a thoughtful investment strategy.

Source: finance.yahoo.com

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  1. As far as I know recently there was a conference where Zuckerberg demonstrated advantages of using virtual reality. It’s cool that nowadays people have such an opportunity to try it out just by using special equipment.

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