Big Expectations 2022.
Despite the series of lockdowns, 2021 turned out to be a successfully bullish year for world economics. Markets recovered from COVID-19 turmoil and pleased investors with generous returns. What do finance magnates think of 2022 prospects?
Natixis Investment Managers conducted research among 500 institutional investors to find that out.
Choosing Active Investment Management
70% of respondents confirmed they would stake on active investment management over passive strategies. They explain it with the necessity to make lots of tactical decisions and adapt fast to the quickly changing environment of the post-pandemic world. If central banks stop printing money with the speed of 2021, the bullish market may end too. This is the other reason why active funds management may be in high demand this year. Active investment strategies typically outperform invest-and-forget approaches significantly on bearish markets.
Emerging markets’ stocks expected to be in demand
According to the Natixis survey, 41% of institutional investors plan to increase their allocation in emerging markets stocks. At the same time, only 25% of respondents believe US equities are worth more attention in 2022.
What sectors are believed to outperform the market in 2022?
59% of the polled investors believe the energy sector can do better than other economic sectors this year.
86% of respondents confirmed they have enough confidence that the healthcare sector will do better or no worse than the market on average.


Risk Warning: The information in this article is presented for general information and shall be treated as a marketing communication only.  This analysis is not a recommendation to sell or buy any instrument.  Investing in financial instruments involves a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Trading in financial instruments can result in both an increase and a decrease in capital. Please refer to our Risk Disclosure available on our web site for further information.

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