Three great movies about finance to watch again and again

The first episode of a new season of Billions is to be aired on January 23, 2022. Isn’t it a great time to get back to the classics of the world cinematography? Here are three great moves related to financial markets not to be missed:
Trading Places (1983)
This is an American comedy starring Eddie Murphy. When the brokerage firm owners bet on what happens if a homeless Billy Ray takes the place of their managing director. It’s a lot of fun to watch the brilliant play of Mr. Murphy, but to be honest,40 years old computers and trading software in some scenes are no less amusing. Bonus: it’s a great illustration of how futures contracts work.
The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
This film is often recommended among the most inspiring ones. Based on the memoirs of Chris Gardner, it tells a story of a one-year-long struggle from being homeless to making a career of a stockbroker. Will Smith was nominated for Oscar for the starring role in this film.
The Big Short (2015)
Brad Pitt produced this biographical comedy-drama film. It didn’t seem to become very popular among a broad audience, but traders and financiers, who watched it several times, balanced the situation. The story of 2007-2008 Global financial crisis caused by housing bubble digs really deep into matter. Even if you don’t know much about synthetic collateralized debt obligations, you will after watching the film.

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