Larry Williams became a living legend among traders when he won a Robbin’s World Cup Championship of Futures Trading in 1987 with an astonishing result of +11,376% return to his $10,000 deposit.
The author of nine books on investing and the creator of Williams %R is well-known in the financial world. Mr. William’s result still remains an all-time record of the famous trading championship. However, not that many people know about another unbroken record that belongs to his daughter, Michelle Williams.
At the age of 17, young Michelle, who has just started an actress career, entered the same World Cup in 1997 and made +1000% to her deposit. Since then, nobody has managed to beat these staggering returns.
What’s the secret?
In one of the interviews, Larry Williams said investors must conduct their own fundamental analysis before they consider a single word from media propaganda for their investment decisions. Being “anticipatory, not reactionary,” he names the key to success in financial markets.


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